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Stickney, Sallie


Sole Lessee and Manager…TOM KING


ADMISSION 25 CENTS. THURSDAY EVENING, DEC. 30, 1858. COMPLIMENTARY TESTIMONIAL AND BENEFIT OF TOM KING. The Caterer of Refined Amusement! The Great Leaper and Equestrian! To-night will be given THE FEAST OF THE SEASON! Among the attractions will be ROCHETTE, the California Clown, his first appearance in any of the Atlantic cities. HIRAN FRANKLIN has kindly come from New York, and will also appear.

First night of Seventy five Consecutive Leaps by Miss Sallie Stickney.

First night of W. Kincade ad Don Juan.

First night of the Courier of St. Petersburgh.

First night of the Double Perch.

First night of the Spanish Trampoline.

First night of Lucy’s Long Visit to the Circus.

First night of the Roman Brothers.

First night of the Butcher’s Dream , and TWENTY NEW ACTS!

To conclude with the Equestrian Pantomime of DON JUAN.

Don Juan…Wm. Kincade.

Don Guzman…A. Aymar.

Scaramouch…Tom King.

Imps by the Company.

ON SATURDAY—A Day Performance—at 2 ½ o’clock—Children 13 cents.

The Daily Exchange, December 30, 1858

Article PDF, column 8, entry 2