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Western, Helen and Lucille

BOWERY THEATRE.—A drama in four acts, by Mr. W.B. English, entitled “Three Fast Men, or the Female Robinson Crusoe,” was presented last evening, in which the two star sisters, Misses Lucille and Helen made their début. The drama is one suited to the acquirements of a Bowery audience, introducing local scenes and familiar characters and interspersed with popular nigger airs and admired ballads. The St. Nicholas Hotel, the Five Points, Tryon Row, Fireman’s Hall, and other known and familiar scenes, are produced, and the unfortunate adventures of a green young gentleman, Harry Jordan (Mr. Fitzgerald) in search of the “Elephant” gave ample scope for the introduction of the strength of the company. The Misses Lucille and Helen possess great versatile talent. They portrayed several male characters. Miss Lucille as Count Navarino Fitzfuddle, was a life drawn picture of Young New York, and Miss Helen as Mungo Jim, a sweep, drew forth the hearty plaudits of the audience. The interior of a fashionable gambling hall was truly depicted, and Miss Lucille as a sporting man, dressed in the most approved and fashionable manner, was warmly received. Fourteen young ladies as female minstrels are introduced, who sing several pleasing airs, which were deservedly encored. The drama of “Mary Queen of Scotts” concluded the performances—the company acquitting themselves most creditably. The house was crowded in all parts.

New York Herald, 30 March 1858. Print.

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