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Western, Helen and Lucille

THEATRE AT MARKET HALL—JACK SHEPPARD. This celebrated drama, rendered so by the superior and inimitable manner of Miss Lucille in the character of Jack Sheppard, is performed this evening. The Portland State of Maine, speaking of Miss Lucille as Jack, compliments her as follows: “Those who neglected to attend the Benefit of the Misses Western, which came off Tuesday night, missed a rich treat. We have seldom, if ever, seen a play got up and performed better than ‘Jack Sheppard’ was on Tuesday evening. The fair beneficiaries played excellently. Miss Lucille has a peculiarly piquant and brilliant style, which is especially fitted for such characters as that of Jack Sheppard, and which never fails of meeting with deserved approbation from an intelligent and appreciative audience. In our opinion, this young lady is destined at no far distant period, to become one of the brightest lights of the American stage. A little more experience added to her great personal attractions and correct taste, will produce wonders.”

A variety of other attractions are offered to-night, sufficient to crowd the Hall.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, 31 October 1854. Print.

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