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Western, Helen

Death of Miss Helen Western.—The popular actress, Miss Helen Western, sister to Lucille, departed this life yesterday morning, between 8 and 9 o’clock, at the Kirkwood House, in this city, in the 23rd year of her age. She had attained a creditable reputation in the melo-drama, and in what is known as modern sensation.

Some three weeks ago she arrived in this city, quite indisposed, after a very successful engagement at Pittsburg, Pa. After performing a week at Wall’s Opera House, she appeared at that place in the character of “Cynthia,” in “The Flowers of the Forrest.” The effort was too much for her in debilitated condition, and at the close of the performance she had to be carried from the stage, and her subsequent engagements were cancelled.

Miss Western’s first appearance was in Boston, in the character of “Eva,” in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” at the age of 5.

Up to Wednesday Miss Western appeared hopeful of recovery; but since then her disease assumed a more aggravated form, and her earthly career terminated at the period above stated. Of this change she was perfectly aware, and prepared to respond to the grim messenger, in the language of the character she last represented—“a friend come.”

The ladies of Kirkwood House gave every [sic] delicate attention to the deceased during her illness that true womanly feeling would suggest, and her friends and relatives may feel the melancholy satisfaction that she passed away as one who “died among her kindred.”

The remains off Miss Western were removed from the Kirkwood House last night, and placed upon the 8:30 train for Boston where they will be interred. Mr. Wing, her agent, accompanied the remains North.

The National Republican, 12 December 1868. Print.

(Washington City, DC)