Peak Family

The Peak Family are now on their fifteenth annual tour, and seem to have tall times among the prairies out West. They finished up a good week’s business at Quincy, Ill., on the 30th July, and made Mons. Jean Alfred Fays, their solo violinist, a present of a splendid diamond ring as a token of … Continue reading Peak Family

Peak, (Little) Leseta

That Peak Family keep peeking around the West with some good reasons.  In Peoria, Ill., they lifted $920 in two nights.  Let old-fogy managers make a mem. Of that.  Who says that our Western friends are not liberal? …..Little Leseta, with Charlie and Eddie, are pets of the public, and Mons. Alfred Fays with his … Continue reading Peak, (Little) Leseta

Patti, Adalina (“Little Patti”)

Adalina Patti, “Little Patti” the other day, a sister of Madame Strakesh, is preparing to go on the stage, in the autumn, her concert experience having much facilitated the progress of one so young. New York Clipper 11 June 1859: 62. Print.

Peak, Master Eddie

About the Peak Family going to Pike’s Peak we cannot yet speak positively, but they were at Davenport, Iowa, on the 23rd, Muscatine 25th, Burlington 26th, and Quincy 27th and 28th. They seem to have appreciative audiences and the good will of the press; and with these two propellers, they may be-speak any peak they … Continue reading Peak, Master Eddie