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Jean D, is this you?

The other night, in preparation for my trip to Halifax, I fell down an eBay rabbit hole and spent about an hour looking at Staffordshire figurines. I ended up bidding on a really interesting figurine of David Garrick as Richard III (the tent scene just after he awakens from his dream) because it seemed relatively inexpensive. But I also came across a number of striking figures of Scottish lasses, which reminded me of the Jean Davenport figurine I saw at the Houghton.

Here is one of them – currently for sale on eBay. It’s a bit pricey (over $100) so I don’t know that I feel comfortable purchasing it but it is strikingly similar, in costume, pose, etc. to the Jean D figurine and so  it made me wonder if it was somehow connected. And there are others like this as well. So… I’m going to keep a close watch on this and the other figurines in case they help to shed additional light on the popularity and circulation of JD imagery.